During the fourth week of into my journey as a GDHQ intern- an opportunity arose to explore the world of Salesforce. I checked out the company, the news of Slack being acquired, the industry and did an in-depth search of careers that required Salesforce training. I was floored! Not only was this something that could immediately assist me in the non-profit side as a customer, but if I were to become certified as an admin or higher- I could make such an impact within the non-profit world increasing efficiency and giving more time back to staff to work within the…

Part two- As I continue down the path of learning to be a software developer, the sheer amount of detail still astounds me. As a spelling bee champion in elementary school, you’d think I have a handle on getting that code right. I have error messages constantly for misspellings! I might add that the error messages are far less frequent from when I started, but they still continue to pop up. Working back through the code I am able to figure our exactly where the error is, using cklues from the error message. This, to me, is a great benefit…

Proper formatting is key in coding- when creating a variable you need a unique identifier to name it. During the course, if I name something expressly identifiable to me, it's kind of fun! Plenty of ways to put a personal spin into the game..

The course in GameDevHQ is going really well, under the gun though. I feel the clock ticking on the CARES funding and getting finished up on the work is a little bit stressful! I know my teammates are dealing with the same. One of my team is a full-time student studying computer science while undertaking this…

When creating the Space Shooter game, the challenge for me really is understanding MonoBehavior behind the scripting (am I saying that right?!)- the language I'm seeking to learn and write is still elusive. Never one to give up, I often change course. I restarted my entire game last week as a result of blockers, and after a weekend of eye rest, I am raring to go this week in order to finish up the 2D course.

My analytical skills are lacking and the lightspeed learning of the course has really opened my eyes to the brain aging process. At 34…

Day 12- Giving Thanks and earning ranks!

After an early morning spent scouring website after website for the PlayStation 5, to no avail. It really cemented my understanding that coding is the future. Again, feeling that very grateful to be learning this skill.

While I am just finishing up learning the C# survival guide, I made some progress within the game by restarting and rebuilding. I had run into a blocker that couldn’t be fixed and decided that starting fresh with a new knowledge that I have learned from both the course and the book that I purchased would serve me well. I plan on finishing up my 2D course this weekend and look forward to the cinematography course next week!

***Any ideas on what to do with these once we get the digital console?

Day 11- It’s here!

I hear the crunch of gravel as the mailman pulls up, and eagerly hoist myself out of the faux leather office chair I spent hours choosing on Target.com. The chair has become my main perch for the last 11 days. On day 1, I wouldn’t believe you if I said a coding book arriving from Amazon would be the highlight of my day.

Scrambling out the door, I reach the mailman and realize I'm wearing no mask - so smile sheepishly waiting for him to deposit the mail into the box just 6 feet away. And…

Day 10- C#- Getting back to the Basics

The object-oriented programming language is the basis of our coursework in GameDevHQ. With a few weeks now under my belt with the coursework, I felt it was necessary to get back to the basics and really understand the language prior to attempt writing code. Fortunately, GameDevHQ has such an amazing set of resources available to us via their learning portal. Aside from that, a Google search for specific questions has been extremely helpful. …

Day 9: strive for success

As a result of conversation with fellow team F members I’ve decided to take a break from coursework and focus solely on C# for next couple of days until I get a hang of the jargon and terminology properly. It does make sense to watch the C# Videos in order to fully understand the why of each code, and understand placement. I recently spoke to someone that had experience with python and I understand that this is a whole different language.

I eagerly await the arrival of the C# beginners guide ordered recently from Amazon. The family and I have been discussing game ideas nonstop and we’ve come up with some pretty cool concepts. I plan to get through several sections today that will enable me to finish up the first phase of training in coursework. Such a fun internship!

Day 8 — Triumph over challenges

As our course progresses it’s becoming clear to me that more time is needed outside of coursework hours, more focus on the every day routines in life that require coding. It’s almost like seeing the world in a whole new light, things that went unnoticed by me are now vastly on obvious.

Today, I was excited to order a beginners guide to C# in Unity- in print. This book will arrive just next week and will live on my nightstand. …

Day 7- Speed and Agility

As my fingers start to memorize the placement of the keys and functions, I find myself getting a little bit quicker with each line of code. Ran into a challenge today when I realized that tool tips weren’t populating, forcing me to type out each phrase rather than hitting enter.

I was able to get help from a fellow teammate however found that doing it the long way the last few days may have even helped me a little with memorizing the different function. I’m working on the laser shooter in unity and it’s definitely…

Robyn Petterson

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