Day 10- C#- Getting back to the Basics

The object-oriented programming language is the basis of our coursework in GameDevHQ. With a few weeks now under my belt with the coursework, I felt it was necessary to get back to the basics and really understand the language prior to attempt writing code. Fortunately, GameDevHQ has such an amazing set of resources available to us via their learning portal. Aside from that, a Google search for specific questions has been extremely helpful. Also, I continue to peek out every day when the mailman comes around for my new C# for Beginners Guide!

Being that this is the time of the year we like to reflect on all those things we are thankful for- again, I would really love to give a shout out to all those who made this opportunity possible. GameDevHQ, the Aloha Aina Program, the OED, Pono Shim and Jonathan Weinberger. Also, mahalo Susan Nealy for taking on our team as Lead! You are inspiring and courageous.

While the cartoon below still somewhat depicts my clarity on the subject, I am eons away from where I started and plan to move forward with this new skill- away from solely, hospitality and make a career change.

Mahalo everyone for your patience and ongoing support!

Not there yet!



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