Day 7- Speed and Agility

As my fingers start to memorize the placement of the keys and functions, I find myself getting a little bit quicker with each line of code. Ran into a challenge today when I realized that tool tips weren’t populating, forcing me to type out each phrase rather than hitting enter.

I was able to get help from a fellow teammate however found that doing it the long way the last few days may have even helped me a little with memorizing the different function. I’m working on the laser shooter in unity and it’s definitely not shooting right now, but I have faith I’ll figure it out tomorrow with the help of my team and my skills in researching. One thing that grant writing has taught me over the years is that you can find anything on the Internet and I believe this is a major help to my new journey of a program developer.

During these times of increased anxiety and uncertainty, the opportunity to learn coding from the safety of my home is priceless. And a tiny island we have always been known for a resilience, and our ability to keep moving forward. I am so thankful for my team and this opportunity that we all have to create more industry outside of the hospitality careers that many of us are accustomed to.

That being said, growing and working in the hospitality industry has given us a leg up in the software development world- The culture of Aloha that we all aspire to present will make us highly desirable candidates for employment and this exciting, exploding sector.

Looking forward to learning more and more each day and gaining as strong knowledge of the industry.



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